Best Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments

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We all know how beautiful curly and wavy hair is – but that doesn’t stop curly girls dreaming of sleek, straight locks. The truth is that we always want what we don’t have, but that isn’t the end of the story.

Straight hair is generally seen as more professional, and can be easier to take care of. Curly hair does not reflect the light in the same way that straight hair does, so it can look dull rather than shiny – and don’t we all want shiny, healthy looking hair?

If you’ve been spending hours burning your hair with hot tools trying to keep it straight, or you have exhausted all the DIY natural methods you’ve ever heard of, then we are here to help you.

While temporary straightening can give good results, a drop of rain is often enough to undo all your hard work and leave your hair frizzy and difficult to manage.

Thankfully, there are so many permanent hair straightening treatments to choose from.

Have you decided that permanent hair straightening is the right choice for you?

Keep reading!

You don’t want to head to the salon without discovering which of these four permanent hair straightening methods is the best permanent hair straightening treatment for you.

Keratin Treatment - Lux Hair Lounge

Keratin treatment

Often considered the gold standard and best permanent hair straightening option available today, keratin treatment has grown in popularity over the past several years, with celebrities loving the smooth results.

Originally known as Brazilian blowouts, keratin smoothing treatments are safer and less damaging to your strands than many of the other methods available.

Keratin is a protein which naturally occurs in your hair, but this protein depletes as we get older.

This results in frizzier, duller looking hair that may not be as strong as it once was.

When you choose a keratin treatment, keratin is added to your hair shaft, fully coating it and imbuing it with more nutrients and proteins.

The keratin is then blow dried and straightened into your hair, sealing it in.

This process creates a barrier between your hair and the moisture that is in the air – so you can say goodbye to humidity frizz!

You will want to take a magazine with you, though, as a keratin permanent straightening treatment can take around two hours to complete, and sometimes longer depending on the condition and length of your hair.

Once this process is finished, you cannot wash your hair for a couple of days after the treatment, giving it time to settle in and fully absorb into your locks.

However, once you do wash your hair, styling will be much easier as this treatment results in shinier, smoother hair.

It does not make your hair completely straight, but it means that a quick blow dry will give you a smooth result.

Keratin treatment is extremely popular as it can last for up to four months (as long as you use keratin-rich, sulphate-free products), with the keratin gradually fading, returning your hair to its usual texture.

The gradual, gentle nature of keratin treatments means that you can go back for another treatment again and again without being concerned about hair damage.

At Lux Hair Lounge, we offer BHave for permanent hair straightening , a keratin-based treatment which will give you the smooth and sleek results you crave without the damage you might fear.

If you want smooth hair that is easy to manage but might not be naturally pin-straight, then keratin treatments could work for you.

Japanese straightening

Japanese straightening, or thermal reconditioning, is a permanent hair straightening treatment that you may not have heard of.

It’s only fairly newly popular in the West, though it has been beloved in Japan for many years.

Combining both chemicals and heat, it is a process that permanently changes the structure of your natural hair.

Ostensibly similar to keratin permanent straightening treatment, Japanese straightening is in fact a more aggressive procedure that smooths and conditions your hair.

A Japanese straightening treatment works by loosening the protein bonds in your hair, reshaping the hair cells.

That’s the science behind permanently straight hair, and it cannot be rushed.

With this in mind, be forewarned that this type of permanent straightening takes even longer than some other methods.

In fact, it can take up your whole day, lasting up to eight hours.

You will also need to head back to your salon in order for the treatment to be completed a few days after the initial stage is completed – though this finishing step is only an hour long.

For all that hard work, you can expect the treatment to last for six months.

If this sounds too good to be true and you are yearning for those results, bear in mind that this treatment can significantly damage your hair.

While many have excellent results and love their smooth and shiny hair, repeated use of Japanese straightening treatments can leave your strands in poor condition, and it may be difficult to get your hair feeling good again.

Add to this the expense and time factor of this specific treatment, and you may wish to take plenty of time to consider it before making this treatment your final choice.

Hair relaxation treatment

Chemical straightening, also known as hair relaxing or a hair relaxation treatment, led the industry for a long time.

Particularly useful for those with extremely kinky or coiled hair, many consider this to be the best permanent hair straightening option.

So, how does it work?

This treatment is far more aggressive than keratin treatments, as it actually breaks the bonds that make up your hair texture.

Hair relaxation treatment breaks these bonds until your hair becomes straight.

You may have heard of people performing this kind of treatment at home on their own hair, but this is very ill advised – a professional is the only person who should ever be dealing with the harsh chemical compounds necessary for this treatment.

A professional hairstylist will also know exactly how many bonds to break to ensure that your hair is sleek but not limp.

It will also take them around two to three hours to complete the treatment, depending on how long and challenging your hair is, so make sure you have plenty of time to have this treatment done.

For those expecting to have the best bouncy blowout after a chemical treatment, you might be disappointed.

The process involves shampooing your hair, adding the chemicals by section on your damp hair.

Your hair will then be blow dried and straightened with extremely high heat.

Afterwards, you should avoid washing your hair for at least twelve hours, and it will be sleek and shiny, but very flat and scented with the chemicals that are working to make it straight.

This process is popular with those who have coiled or afro hair, as it can be difficult to achieve the same results with gentler processes.

However, if you have weak, unhealthy or coloured hair, then the chemicals can cause extreme amounts of damage.

If your hair is healthy and you do enough research to find an expert in chemical straightening, this can be a good option.

On the other hand, as your hair grows in, it will grow in its natural texture, meaning you can end up with mismatched textures – so the upkeep can be difficult and something of a commitment!

This often results in people opting for shorter haircuts (known as “the big chop”), to cut away the chemically straightened portion of their hair and return to a natural texture.

With all this in mind, it is vital to think ahead before deciding whether this process is right for you.

Natural hair straightening methods

If you have been passionate about living a life without frizz for some time, then you may have tried some natural hair straightening methods.

If not, you may be wondering how to straighten your hair naturally

There are so many DIY ways of straightening hair that you can try out at home.

Perhaps the most obvious would be to simply blow dry and straighten your hair with hot tools.

However, prolonged exposure to heat at this level can damage your hair and leave it dried out and looking dull.

A heat-free home haircare hack involves two unlikely ingredients: Milk and honey.

When combined into an in-shower hair mask and left in your hair for a few minutes, then thoroughly rinsed out, milk and honey are thought to create a smoothing effect.

However, this is unlikely to do very much for truly curly or coiled hair.

Another hair mask you can make at home involves two overripe bananas, and two tablespoons of honey, plain yoghurt and olive oil.

These oil-rich ingredients should be mashed together until they create a paste, and then applied to your hair.

You can keep the mask on for at least half an hour so that these ingredients have a chance to feed and nourish your hair, especially if you have dry or damaged locks.

Once you rinse the mask out, the thought is that your hair will be less frizzy and also a little straighter.

Again, though, if you have truly curly hair and not just a few flyaways, this might not prove true for you.

This natural mask should give your hair a health boost, even so.

Coconut milk is also known for being popular with those looking for smoother hair, and when combined with lemon juice it reaches its full potential.

With saturated fats giving emollient properties, with acids that improve the balance of acid and alkaline in your hair and scalp.

Mix them together to give your hair a thorough cleansing – and the potential for straighter locks.

Again, this may not work for all hair types, some of which will require a more aggressive treatment.

If you want to explore natural, heat-free methods without raiding the fridge, then you might take inspiration from the past.

While heat-free rollers might seem old fashioned, a wet set can actually help to set your hair into the style you want.

With this method, you want to start with damp hair and apply mousse, then comb your hair through.

You can then use foam or velcro rollers all around your head and let your hair dry with the rollers in.

You can even sleep in them! For more delicate or damaged hair, this method could actually pull at your hair and cause breakage, so it may not work for everyone.

With very curly or coiled hair, there are a lot of natural methods available for you to try.

Just keep in mind that they may not give you the sleek result that you are looking for.


There are so many different ways that you can straighten your hair, both temporarily and permanently.

Permanent hair straightening can give you the smooth and manageable hair that you want.

If you want to get the straight hair of your dreams, it can be very achievable with the right process and the right stylist to guide you.

However, it is important to keep in mind that each scenario is unique and different treatments might work better for you and your hair depending on your situation and the condition of your hair.

It is important to think through each option carefully before making a final decision…especially as some of these treatments do not fade gradually.

For more information about the best permanent hair straightening method for you and how you might achieve permanent straightening, get in touch with Lux Hair Lounge.

Our BHave keratin smoothing treatment could be the best choice for your hair, and we even perform a strand test to see if it is suitable for you beforehand.

Let us know about your ultimate hair goals so we can achieve them together.