How to choose the right haircut for an oval face

Women with oval faces are truly blessed when it comes to beauty and choice of hairstyles.

Your cheekbones make up the largest portion of your face, and your jaw is soft with no sharp corners.

If you have an oval face, your face is longer than it is wide.

People with rounded faces are perceived as more innocent, and as a result more trustworthy, than those with other shapes that can make them look visually more mature.

Having a round face does not mean everyone will be the nicest person you ever meet, but Selena Gomez and Mila Kunis are certainly shining examples of how the oval face can exude sweetness.

Because oval faces can wear nearly any hairstyle, they are the ideal shape.

Many other people with different shaped faces are often restricted to the hairstyles they can choose from and they mostly try to emulate the shape and features of those with oval-shaped faces.

If you’re lucky enough to have an oval-shaped face, we have put together a list of the best ideas for a haircut for oval face women (and men) to help you decide what hairstyle suits me.

If you just need the inspiration to get started or are wondering ‘what haircut should I get?’, there are plenty of chic options available to choose from.

This list of hairstyles for oval faces demonstrates how versatile the oval face is, so you have options galore for your new haircut:

Short Bob Hairstyle for Oval Face

The short bob

The sheer versatility of the oval face means you will be able to pull off nearly any kind of bob – a fact that will make others insanely jealous.

If you’re over the maintenance of your long hair or the heat of summer is just getting too much, bobs are a timeless classic that is popular around the world in any climate.

There are many variations of the short bob and your hairdresser can help show you options that would suit your personality, hair colour and complexion.

However, a good all-around option for women with oval faces is the shaggy inverted bob as seen rocked by celebrities like Reese Witherspoon.

Anyone with an oval face shape would look fantastic in a shaggy inverted bob with plenty of layers.

As this style features a short back, you can even be modern and edgy with a razor cut, while the choppy layers should end at the chin for the best look.

If you’re not ready to cut ALL your hair off just yet, the shoulder-length shag is another popular option that will frame your face with soft layers and a curtain fringe.

This is a style made popular with Winona Ryder and creates an ethereal, pixie-like look.

There are so many bobs to choose from, though.

You could try an asymmetrical bob to frame your face (ideal for women who wear glasses), or a should-length bob with a part in the middle which is only really suitable for your face type – so rock it ’cause you’ve got it.

The Layered Pixie Bob Hairstyle for Oval Face

The layered pixie bob

As made famous by Victoria Beckham, this is a stylish twist on the bob fused with the pixie cut that is just perfect for those with an oval face.

Because the layered pixie bob leaves you with more hair to work with than a traditional pixie cut, you have more versatility in styling while this style requires less upkeep than a classic bob – you get the best of both worlds.

It’s a great cut for all occasions and you can style on the run to look your best at work, at the gym, out with friends or even out at the theatre.

Simple sophistication is the hallmark of the layer pixie bob and women with oval faces have the natural tools to wear it perfectly.

The Layered Look for Oval Face

The layered look

Ever since Jennifer Anniston rocked “The Rachel” in Friends in the 1990s, the layered look has been a style of choice for women around the world.

The good news is that women with oval-shaped features are the most likely to pull this look off.

Layers that falls around the jawline enlarges an oval or long face shape and draw the eye toward the lips and jawline.

In considering medium haircuts for thin hair, consider where you will place your layers.

Providing they’re strategically placed, you don’t need a whole lot of varying lengths.

Note how full your cheeks are on the sides.

You get an awesome and voluminous style which is a bit messy and imperfect but in a good way.

Waves for Oval Face


Let’s use Bella Hadid as an example.

A simple, tousled look complements her perfect oval face while the waves add volume and draw attention to the cheekbones.

A wave will round up an oval face, rather than lengthen it further.

If longer hair is more your style, use Jessica Alba as your inspiration for perfect waves.

You can achieve the soft curls easier than you think and they soften your features as well.

Use a thickening spray to prepare your roots and blow-dry your strands.

Let your curls cool before brushing them out to finish.

Curved Fringe for Oval Face

Curved Fringe

With an oval face, fringes are a great choice because they shorten the length of the face.

Instead of being blunt, these have curved sides that frame the eyes.

They add innocence and a bit of a rocker vibe to any haircut.

It was Jessica Biel who started the fringes renaissance with her perfect fringe and flowing waves that framed her oval-shaped face perfectly.

If Biel brought fringes back, then Taylor Swift refined the art with her full bangs with choppy ends.

While Swift’s fringe give her a full look, they’re not so full as to cover her forehead, nor are they too heavy to overwhelm her delicate features.

Her fringe have a soft, fluffy texture because the ends are slightly chopped.

Their corners are rounded ever-so-slightly.

Curtain fringes and side-swept fringes are also perfect for your oval facial features and great options for those that want to avoid the straight line fringe.

If your hair has no cowlicks or widow’s peaks, this style of fringe will be easier to wear since your hair will be more cooperative.

Try and avoid fringes that are too heavy or heavily rounded as they will hide all of your gorgeous features.

Modern Pageboy hairstyle for Oval Face

Modern pageboy

A contemporary cut with medieval roots, based on the hairstyles English page boys were alleged to have worn.

A traditional pageboy is a woman’s hairstyle with the hair reaching the shoulder and rolled under the ends.

Often there is a fringe (bangs) in the front.

This style was popular in the 1950s and 1960s when it was considered to be an edgy, stylish look.

This style is the perfect frame for the oval face and has the added benefit of taming unruly or thick hair, styling into a chic design that is tailor-made for those with oval faces.

Aussie actress Rose Byrne is a classic example of how gorgeous this cut looks with a beautiful oval-shaped face.

The off-centre part hairstyle for Oval Face

The off-centre part

Long and medium haircuts with a part look great on oval faces as well.

This works in several ways, as when the hair is left to flow freely there is neither particular emphasis on the face nor the hair – it all works as a total package and is considered the best haircut for an oval faced woman who values versatility and style.

Any asymmetry in your face can be highlighted with a centred hair part, but a deep or slightly off-centre part looks more flattering.

In addition to being able to pull off tricky looks, women with oval faces can also slick back their ponytails to hide their part or wear blunt bangs.

If you want a shining example of how a part can accentuate the oval-shaped face, look no further than the iconic Angelina Jolie.

And for the men?

The best haircut for oval faced man is probably not going to be a bob or pixie cut, but fortunately, this facial structure means men are also spoiled for choice when it comes to hairstyles.

While longer hairstyles will frame your face perfectly, men with oval-shaped faces are perfectly placed too high in their facial features so shorter styles are recommended.

The clippers should come out for the shortest back and sides, leaving the top for a range of styles including quiffs, crew cuts, side parts, faux hawks, undercuts and fades.

While choosing a new hairstyle from an image or a celebrity style is fun, the team at Lux Hair Lounge know that every client (and their hair) is different.

All of our stylists will take the time to discover your facial shape, your style preference and deliver a personalised solution that you will love – and that will bring out your best features.

For more information on the Lux Hair Lounge range of styles and services, give our professional team a call on (02) 4648 5066.