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How Do Hair Extensions Work?

Hair cuts keep your hair looking tidy and healthy, but we’ve all experienced that feeling of hating our hair within a few weeks of a trim. This is why the world gave us hair extensions, and you’ll be delighted to know that they are surging in popularity. In 2020, sales of hair extensions blew up …

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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How much do hair extensions cost? Almost every person interested in Hair Extensions has probably Googled this at least once or twice in their lives after seeing glossy photos with beautiful, thick bouncy curls. And the sheer amount of search results that pop up can be overwhelming. As you have probably figured out, the cost …

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What Are Hair Extensions?

Whether you’ve been dreaming of luscious waist-length locks or thick beachy waves, hair extensions are a great way to attain the hair of your dreams. Hair extensions are a fantastic way to achieve thicker, fuller and longer hair, without having to wait years for your hair to grow out. When done properly, hair extensions can …

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