Bondi Boost

Bondi Boost Hair Growth Range

At Lux Hair Lounge, we understand how frustrated our clients can become when battling broken, thinning, or damaged hair. To combat these worries, we use Bondi Boost, an Australian brand which prides itself on its transformational products. As a hair salon committed to makeover miracles on a daily basis, we simply could not leave this brand off our growing list of excellent products.

What kind of products does Bondi Boost offer?

Bondi Boost offers a broad range of products including moisturising and repairing shampoos and conditioners, masks and sprays designed to encourage hair growth, and even a special pooch wash to ensure your dog’s coat is as luxurious as your own mane of hair!

What makes Bondi Boost so special?

Every single Bondi Boost product is formulated using an array of natural and organic ingredients designed to nourish and rejuvenate tired hair whilst being kind to the scalp and sensitive skin. Bondi Boost formulas contain a number of carefully sourced antioxidant ingredients and essential oils that render hair amazingly cleansed whilst depositing powerfully protective ingredients onto the scalp. This ensures that hair strength is boosted and that clients are able to enjoy the benefits of longer and thicker hair.

What type of hair does Bondi Boost cater for?

Bondi Boost’s range of products is extensive and caters for those with a range of different needs. Amongst the most popular products are the brand’s Hair Growth Conditioner and Hair Growth Shampoo, which are absolute miracle workers for those looking to improve their hair health and support consistent growth. To make hair even stronger, longer and thicker, clients can use these products alongside Bondi Boost’s Intense Growth Spray and their popular Miracle Mask, both of which are brimming with powerful natural ingredients.

Bondi Boost also caters for those who suffer from dandruff or a flaky or itchy scalp. Bondi Boost’s anti-dandruff collection includes nourishing ingredients such as peppermint, rosemary, and argan oils in order to reduce flakiness and boost confidence every day.

Those who like to style their hair using heated tools can also use Bondi Boost’s Heat Proof spray in order to protect their locks from damage and prevent breakage.

Finally, users of Bondi Boost may also be encouraged by the fact that the brand uses only vegan-friendly ingredients.

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