Luxury Caviar Hair Treatment

Your hair is one of your greatest assets, which is why looking after it properly is vital. Unfortunately, anything from colouring and blow-drying through to poor health, age or a less-than-ideal lifestyle can affect hair adversely. Dull, brittle, greasy, dry or damaged hair are all common signs that extra care is needed to restore condition, strength and shine. Particularly if everyday conditioners aren’t working, it’s probably time to consider a more intensive treatment. Ideal for all hair types, Luxury Caviar is the perfect solution.

What is Luxury Caviar?

Luxury Caviar has been specifically formulated from top-quality ingredients to provide ageing, tired hair with the nutrients needed to promote healthier, more lustrous locks. Many of the active compounds included in Luxury Caviar have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on cell health. From promoting regeneration and rejuvenation through to improving hydration, building strength and assisting in creating a smooth hair surface, Luxury Caviar has a range of benefits. Active ingredients include Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and caviar extract. Iodine and trace elements bring additional advantages.

Luxury Caviar at our Lux Hair Lounge

When you book in for a Luxury Caviar treatment at our salon, you can expect to receive a premium customer care experience as well as end up with hair that’s brighter, smoother and silkier. Our fully trained hair care therapists will ensure that you enjoy every second of your time with us. Our customers are able to relax in attractive, hygienic surroundings whilst our team take care of your hair for you. A Luxury Caviar treatment is a great way to get some vital “me” time, as well as end up with hair that looks amazing! Given the importance of hair in framing the face, a Luxury Caviar treatment can transform your entire look.

Benefits that last for weeks

When you use standard conditioning products, it’s often hard to spot any long-term changes. Luxury Caviar has been designed to tackle many of the underlying issues that are contributing to the symptoms of problem hair. Providing deep down benefits, hair can look noticeably better for weeks after the treatment. A good option for occasions where you want to shine, a Luxury Caviar treatment is also a good investment as part of your regular beauty routine.

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