About Redken

Redken is an award-winning global brand, specialising in products across haircare, hair colour and styling. We use Redken 5th Avenue NYC in our salon to deliver world-class treatments across a wide range of products. With over 60 years’ experience in health and beauty, Redken’s longstanding history and love for science ensure you are left feeling confident and radiant.

If you’re looking for a Redken salon Sydney-based (or more specifically – a Redken salon in Narellan) that provides five-star service, then look no further. We aspire to Redken’s “Powered by Science, Prescribed by Pros” ethos as it reflects the world-renowned treatments and luxurious feeling that we all expect to have when visiting a salon. It gives us great pleasure that we can utilise Redken products as part of our haircare range because we know the outcome will not disappoint. Each product has its own unique formula which adapts to all skin and hair types, which is why we are proud to stock and use the Redken range at our salon.

Fascinating history

Aside from the incredible range of hair care, hair colour and hairstyle products we have access to today, Redken has a unique story. American actress and founder, Paula Kent, revolutionised the world of haircare, with her devotion to science making Redken what it is today. In 1959, at the 23rd Annual Congress of Beauty, Paula was named Queen of the Congress. A year later, she went on to launch Redken with Jehri Redding, who was a chemist – hence the name ‘Red-Ken’. He created a range of low-pH products as Paula was particularly sensitive to the hair and beauty products used in her day.

The company started with three products and an education program for salons, which was all about the chemistry of hair and skin. These were created based on three pillars – protein technology (due to hair mainly being made up of protein); an acidic pH of 4.5-5.5, which complements the natural pH of skin and hair; and products that are commended by licensed cosmetologists in professional hairdressers. This is still something Redken is recognised for even today, with a variety of haircare types that cater to individual needs. Paula’s vision of aspiring to different audiences, not just mainstream, meant that millions of people with the same problem soon reaped the rewards of using the Redken product line.

In 1968, Redken was one of the world’s leading haircare specialists, with annual sales reaching 1.5 million. Throughout the 60s and 70s, Redken was known for its science and business education for hairdressers, offering product technology in the US and abroad. By 1983, Redken had launched in 13 countries around the world.

Loreal purchased Redken in 1993, which was later renamed ‘Redken 5th Avenue’. It was soon seen as an influential fashion brand worldwide. During the noughties, Redken had teams of hair artists on the ground at fashion week events around the globe. Its products are now available in 43 countries and counting!


Redken has always had a strong link to the world of fashion and this has consistently played a significant part in the company’s values. The brand is all about innovation and creating beautiful, striking looks, so it’s not surprising that it has been involved in many of the world’s leading fashion events over the years. This includes fashion weeks in London, Paris, New York, Milan and Sydney, where Redken is one of the main sponsors. Redken also partnered with global styling director Guido Palau, who is known for his work across brands such as Ralf Lauren, Calvin Klein, Prada and many more.

Why Redken believes hair is science

Redken is built on the fact that products must be created using scientific formulas, which is clear from its statement: ”Our commitment to formulate scientifically superior products for the global salon community continues, and as we forge ahead in the millennium, our awareness of fashion, street trends and modern hair needs will only enhance our scientific strength.” Its main principles include biology, physics and pH to better educate others on the effects that water, chemical solutions, heat and product formulations can have on hair.

For Redken, it was, and still is, about a scientific approach to beauty. “Inspiring your creativity while helping you achieve the best results” is one of the company’s mottos. With its ground-breaking research, derived from a wealth of knowledge in patented technologies for advanced products in the industry, Redken has developed some of the greatest products in the world of hair and beauty. When creating its products, Redken ensures a high-level of protein is maintained as part of your hair growth, which is essential to the entire range.

In line with the company’s original approach to sensitive skin, Redken always creates products using an acidic pH of 4.5-5.5. This complements the natural pH of skin and hair. And finally, all Redken products are tested in professional salons by licensed cosmetologists. To learn more about Redken, contact Lux Hair Lounge today.