About Seamless1

Dedicated to mastering the art of hair transformation, Seamless1’s innovative tape hair extensions are ground-breaking across the hair and fashion industry.

With each hair extension being carefully crafted to achieve premium, natural-looking hair, Seamless1 has succeeded in making salon-quality hair extensions that are affordable, accessible and safe to use.

For confidence-boosting results, Seamless1 has designed an extensive collection of tape hair extensions to guarantee that you will find your perfect match no matter your hair colour, style or hair type.

Why use Seamless1?

Seamless1 tape extension products are designed to maximise and boost your tresses.

Whether you want longer hair, or if your hair is in desperate need of volume, Seameless1 hair extensions have been specially formulated and tailored to your hair.

Designed to protect your natural strands, tape hair extensions guarantee zero damage to your natural hair and ensure that your hair will continue to feel and look beautiful!

Endorsed and loved by salon and industry professionals across the globe, you can count on Seamless1 products to bring out the best in your hair and give you that luxurious hair refresh!

Seamless1 at Lux Hair Lounge

At Lux Hair Lounge, we only use effective and safe products on our clients’ hair, which is why we consider Seamless1 a must-have for tape hair extensions!

Our stylists use Seamless1’s hair extensions within the salon to add length and volume to your hair and are able to apply a variety of tape-in extensions to your hair, from 17 inches to 25 inches!

With an extensive range of colours and styles to choose from, including ombre and highlighted hair, you can rely on our salon professionals to accurately apply Seamless1’s tape hair extensions to your tresses for a lavish and trendy transformation.

We strongly advocate for Seamless1’s tape hair extensions as protecting our client’s natural hair and giving them fantastic hair results are our top priorities.

The importance of safely transforming your hair

As mentioned, one of our top priorities is protecting our clients’ natural hair and scalp from any damage.

Many of our professional salon stylists have experienced damaged hair and scalps caused by bead and weft hair extensions being applied incorrectly.

Incorrect application of these types of hair extensions can result in painful blisters and significant hair breakage.

That’s why we choose to only utilise tape hair extensions that safely rest against the scalp, with the glue being safe to use and not harmful to the hair.

Using tape hair extensions is now the latest and safest method for applying hair extensions, which is why Lux Hair Lounge is proud to utilise Seamless1’s products to achieve gorgeous hair transformations without the risk of damage.

As a Seamless1 authorised salon, we are authorised and specially trained to apply Seamless1 hair extensions and are happy to talk to you in more detail about their products.

If you wish to have Seamless1 tape hair extensions applied to your hair, whether for added length or boosted volume, you can contact us directly today to book a consultation and arrange your hair transformation.