About Showpony

As Australia’s leading hair extension company, Showpony is the go-to for high-quality, natural-looking, beautiful hair extensions that offer the latest styles and trends within the fashion world.

Showpony’s renowned success, both nationally and internationally, demonstrates why it’s a go-to if you’re looking to transform your hair.

A firm favourite of professional hairstylists and famous celebrity icons, Showpony is one of the most trusted and professional hair extension companies across the globe and will help you achieve a stunning hair transformation without any risk to your natural hair.

Why use Showpony?

Dedicated to empowering customers with natural, high-quality hair extensions, Showpony guarantees satisfaction with its product collection.

Offering instant transformations, Showpony hair extensions are accessible and innovative.

With a universal colour coding system, you can rest assured you will find your perfect hair match for an effortless transformation. With products endorsed by industry professionals across the globe, you can rest assured Showpony is a reliable, premium hair extension company.

Showpony at Lux Hair Lounge

At Lux Hair Lounge, Showpony products are a firm favourite for tape-in hair extensions. We use Showpony’s innovative tape-in hair extensions to achieve a number of lengths and styles. For example, we can apply tape-in extensions which measure 14 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches to boost your natural hair, especially if it’s short or thin.

With a range of colours to match and complement your natural hairstyle and hair texture, you can rely on our Lux Lounge stylists to accurately apply these tape-in extensions for a seamless transformation and an effortless refresh of your hairstyle.

At Lux Hair Lounge, we are proud to stock and use Showpony products as we want our clients to have stunning hair extensions that don’t damage their existing hair or scalp.

With Showpony’s hair extensions being some of the safest to use in the industry, we are confident that our clients will be happy with the final results.

Transform your hair the right way

Here at the Lux Hair Lounge, we only utilise tape extensions across our salons to ensure the safety of our client’s hair and scalp. Our professional stylists have witnessed first-hand the damage that bead and weft extensions can do to clients’ natural hair if applied incorrectly.

Bead and weft extensions often result in blisters forming on the scalp and significant hair breakage, which is why we utilise tape extensions that naturally sit against the scalp and use glue that isn’t damaging to the hair.

With tape extensions being the safest and most modern method of applying hair extensions today, Lux Hair Lounge is proud to stock Showpony’s products to help ladies achieve confidence-boosting, luxurious and dazzling hair transformations with minimal risk.

If you’re interested in having Showpony tape hair extensions applied to your hair, you can contact us directly to book a consultation. Our stylists are happy to discuss your ideas in more detail and recommend the best tape-in extensions for you.