How Often Should Men Get A Haircut?

The answer to this question will depend somewhat on your personal style: you may always like to look sharp, or you may like a bit of length.

Certainly, if you’re heading back to the office after a hiatus from holidays or working from home, you may like to go through a refresher on exactly how fast you can expect your hair to grow, and which styles need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Generally, the shorter your goal cut, the more noticeable its regrowth will be.

This will also depend on whether you have other hair features, such as double whorls or different textures within your hair.

These can lift parts of your hair away from the style your hairdresser has created and cause your snappy cut to look a little rougher as it grows.

If you think this might be you, have a chat with our team at Lux to discuss how to manage these hair features by working with the direction of hair growth during your cut, and incorporating treatments into your hair care regime such as Bhave Smooth Plus, which with its argan oil, collagen and silk amino acids can help create a consistent hair texture.

The average growth of hair, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, is about half an inch a month – which in metric terms is 1.25cm, or about 4 mm a day.

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This average, and whether you fall above or below it, depends on your genetics, as well as your nutrition.

Evidence from scientific studies suggests that the essential nutrients of Zinc, Iron and Vitamin D have a direct impact on hair growth and density – as if you have a deficiency in any of these, one of the most common side effects is hair loss.

Another thing to think about is your protein intake – it’s not just for muscles!

After the protein you eat is broken down into its building blocks (amino acids), they are then used all over the body, including to make keratin – the protein that gives your hair, skin and nails the toughness to brave the elements.

These amino acids are also made into collagen, which wraps around your hair like a net, protecting and strengthening it.

So, assuming that you’re eating well, and you have the average rate of growth, how often should a well-dressed man like yourself actually get a haircut?

How often should a man get a haircut?

Typically, a man should get a haircut:

  • Short hairstyles: Once a month
  • Medium Hairstyles: 6-8 weeks
  • Long Hairstyles: 3-4 months

detailed breakdown of how often men should get a haircut

How often does the average man get a haircut?

If you have a shaved or buzzed cut – one where a few centimetres of growth will make a noticeable difference, it’s generally recommended to book in for a haircut with our trained and luxury hairstylists to refresh that cut once a month, or even sooner if need be.

Fades and undercuts are styles defined by sharp, short cuts and edges, so don’t hesitate to ask for a quick refresh if it no longer looks quite as dramatic.

Remember, how someone grooms themselves tells you a lot about them – whether this is something you want to leverage because you deal with public clients, you’re on the dating market, or perhaps you just want to impress your co-workers or partner, knowing when the right time to come in for a snip keeps you looking – and feeling – great.

For a medium length hairstyle, where styling impresses through the waves and layering of your hair (what you might hear your stylist call “movement”), there’s more leeway while your hair grows.

These hairstyles can accommodate about 6-8 weeks of growth before the curves and styling that your hairdresser has cut start to lose their styled shape.

Prolonging this style can be made easier with the addition of Depot Mens Haircare into your routine.


Longer hair styles can be grown out continuously, but the secret to healthy, long and thick looking hair is very similar for both men and women.

Keep your hair hydrated and well-nourished, and trim off any split ends when they become noticeable.

These might be called “dead ends” by some, but in fact, it is a lifting away from the framework of collagen of the keratin filled cells that make up your hair.

Once this process starts, it is difficult to prevent the splitting from travelling upwards through the hair without specialised hair treatments such as our EIMI range.

Trimming on a regular basis to remove the oldest ends of your hair and their splits will over time create a long and luxurious hairstyle to turn heads with.

How to select the best hairstyle for your look

Selecting your hairstyle is one of the key parts of your appearance – how you present yourself to the world, and how people see you.

Do you want to look fresh and sharp, with the added maintenance that comes with a haircut once a month?

Perhaps you prefer a softer, more romantic look, with movement that can be styled in a few different ways.

Or maybe you’re more low maintenance, looking for a hairstyle that’s unique and dramatic, but requires brushing and trimming rather than a seat in the barber’s chair each month.

Whichever hairstyle you choose should take into consideration the amount of upkeep you’re keen on, as well as thinking about the standard influences such as your face shape, whether you wear glasses, and other considerations (if you work in a machine shop for example, perhaps a shorter hairstyle will be more practical).

How to select the best hairstyle for your look

Men’s Haircut FAQs

Is it good to cut hair every 3 weeks?

Taking a seat in one of our barber’s chairs every 3 weeks is not only time for you to maintain your snappy fade, undercut or buzz cut, but can also be a great time to stop for a while and take some time to relax and unwind. A regular cut also helps to maintain healthy, thick hair and reduce split ends.

Do guys need a haircut?

Healthy hair will grow regardless of the rain or sunshine, but how it looks depends on whether you maintain and upkeep your grooming routine. Removing split ends and parts of your hair that have become microscopically rough will help your hair move more naturally and keep you looking your best.

How long should my hair be as a male?

Your hair should be as long as you feel comfortable with and is practical, or as short as you like to maintain. Your hair is one of the first impressions people get of you – feel free to experiment with advice from our hairdressers to find the style that looks best on you!

How quickly does men’s hair grow?

Mens hair grows an average of 4mm a day. There are positive factors and negative influences that can change this rate. If you have high testosterone levels, the rate of growth is likely to slow down, as the hairs on your head are sensitive to this hormone.

How long does it take to grow 4 inches of hair?

With the average hair growth coming in at 4mm a day (1/2 an inch a month), growing 4 inches of hair would take an average of 254 days – or about 8 and a half months. You can help your hair grow with the right diet and treatments – have a chat with our luxury hairstylists today

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