How to Keep Hair Straight: 7 Top Tips

How to Keep Hair Straight 7 Top Tips - Lux Hair Lounge

It’s a constant battle to maintain healthy, sleek, beautifully straight hair. After all—hair can get frizzy, look limp, and break easily from all the heat styling we do—and that’s not to mention the effects of wild weather!

Thankfully, there are steps you can follow to keep your hair looking shiny, smooth, and perfectly straight, so you’ll always be ready to create that glamorous up-do or Kardashian-esque sleek pony.

Whether you’ve recently had a fresh haircut or have an upcoming straightening appointment looming closer, these tips are made for you!

Tips for keeping your hair straight

Ready to learn how to keep hair straight all day? Here are seven simple and easy tips to follow to help you maintain those lustrously linear locks.

Time your straightening appointment to avoid bad weather

Bad weather, like wind, rain, and extreme heat, can affect straight hair in many ways. The most common problem is frizziness, which can make your hair appear puffy, messy, tangled, and difficult to brush through. Frizinness usually arises on days with high humidity or low temperatures.

Poor weather conditions can also affect straight hair by drying it out and making it brittle—in turn, leaving it prone to breakage. This happens when humidity levels are too low, or when you spend a lot of time outdoors without protecting your hair from the sun.

Make sure to book your straightening appointment on a day without wild weather. Slightly cool, calm, and clear days are the best option.

Purchase a straightening brush to maintain your hair

Straightening brushes are specially-designed tools intended for keeping hair ultra-shiny, soft, and sleek. They work in a similar way to flat irons but use technology that’s better and healthier for your hair.

The bristles on a straightening brush work together to ensure a more even heat distribution and reduced damage when compared with a flat iron or wand hair straightener. Comparatively, they also leave your hair with more volume and shine.

There are two main types of straightening brush: tourmaline-infused and ceramic. Both types reduce the amount of heat damage to the hair and prevent frizz.

Protect your hair with anti-humidity products

If you need to head out on a particularly humid day, anti-humidity products can help keep your hair safe from the elements. Heavy humidity can wreck even the healthiest of locks!

In humid conditions, there’s more moisture in the air, which can lead to frizziness, flyaways, and problems with static electricity. Higher humidity levels also mean it will take longer for your hair to dry and hold a straight style.

Thankfully, anti-humidity products are here to save the day! These specialised formulas usually contain ingredients like silicone, oils, and other moisturisers, sealing the cuticle layer of the hair and preventing it from absorbing excess moisture.

Some products also contain UV filters to block the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing dryness and breakage.

Have your hair permanently straightened - Lux Hair Lounge

Have your hair permanently straightened

Wondering how to keep hair straight for months at a time? Permanent straightening is a professional alternative to at-home straightening or temporary styling that will keep your hair perfectly straight and smooth for four to six months. The exact amount of time the style lasts will depend on your hair’s natural growth pattern.

There are two main types of permanent hair straightening—keratin and chemical. Each treatment has unique pros and cons, so the choice is up to you!

Keratin straightening is a modern solution using a natural substance found in hair, skin, and nails. Recently, researchers discovered how to break this substance into smaller compounds and re-bind them to the hair, repairing any damage.

Keratin treatments can achieve a straight, sleek look, although there may be slight waviness as you’d find in naturally straight hair.

Chemical hair straightening, otherwise known as thermal reconditioning or relaxing, use a strong chemical formulation to break down your hair’s internal bonds and change its structure. This has a permanent effect but can cause short and long-term damage.

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Use pins to secure hair when sleeping

An age-old method used to keep hair straight overnight is to secure it with pins while you sleep. For this approach to be effective, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Separate your hair into thin sections.
2. Comb the hair, wrap it around your head, and pin it with a bobby pin or clip.
3. Keep wrapping and pinning layers until complete.
4. Wrap a silk scarf or sleeping cap around your hair for extra protection.

This method will keep your hair from bending, twisting or getting ‘roughed up’ as you move around during sleep. If you’d prefer not to wear a sleeping cap or scarf, silk pillowcases are another great option for reducing friction on your hair.

Keep your hair sweat-free with headbands & headwraps

When you swear, your body releases a chemical known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT attaches to your hair follicles and causes them to shrink, which makes the hair curve or call.

The amount of DHT your body releases depends on how hot it is outside and how much you’re sweating. The hotter the temperature outside—or the higher impact your activity is—the more you’ll sweat, and the faster your hair will lose its straight style.

Wearing a headband or headwrap is an effective way to keep sweat from migrating from your forehead to your hair, leaving it free from the damaging effects of DHT.

Use a moisturising conditioner

One of the main reasons for straight hair losing its sleekness is excess dryness. The best way to prevent this problem—or stop it in its tracks—is to use a salon-quality moisturising conditioner designed for straight hair.

There are many other benefits of using a premium moisturising conditioner, too. You’ll see your hair become visibly shinier, smoother, and softer to the touch. If you have dry or brittle hair, it can also renew lost moisture and gently repair breakage.

5 fab hairstyles for straight hair

Now you’ve learned how to keep hair straight, it’s time to try some stunning styles!

Straight hair is sought-after because of its amazing versatility and ease of styling. You can do almost anything with straight locks, from cutesy space buns to a more mature bob or sleek top-knot. There’s really no limit to the range of looks and styles you can achieve!

If you’re keen for some inspiration, here are five tried and true styles sure to make those sleek locks shine.

The asymmetrical lob

If you’re looking for an edgy, low-maintenance style to show off your stunningly straight hair, the asymmetrical lob is a fantastic choice! This style is a modern take on the traditional bob, typically reaching just past shoulder length.

The asymmetrical cut gives a sense of movement and interest to your hair, showing off your no-nonsense, cool-girl vibe. It’s also super low-maintenance—all you need to do is brush, add a little bit of product, and go. You don’t need to dress up with this hairstyle, either. Its uniqueness and sleekness can seriously elevate even the most basic ‘jeans and tee’ outfit!

Long hair with a full fringe

Long, straight hair with a full fringe is a look that’s been around for decades—and it’s showing no signs of going away! This distinctly Parisian, minimal style frames the face beautifully and works especially well for round face shapes.

To get this look, simply ask for straight-across, full bangs at your next appointment with your hairdresser. Remember—a full fringe requires a lot of upkeep, so you’ll need to be prepared with dry shampoo and bi-monthly visits to the salon for a trim!

Shoulder-length shag

The shoulder-length shag is a modern, 70s-inspired growing in popularity among Gen Z and older generations alike. The shaggy, heavily layered cut works perfectly with straight hair, creating an ultra voluminous, unique look.

Anyone who wants to add a little extra pizzazz to their daily style—and save time on styling—will love jumping in on this buzzing hairstyle trend.

Short blunt bob

The short, blunt bob is another go-to look for straight-haired girlies around the globe! Sleek and easy to style, this look can take you from the corporate floor to the dance floor and back again—it’s just that versatile.

You can go with a chin-length bob for a classic French look, or something a little longer for a more modern style. If you’ve never cut your hair short before, you’re missing out—there’s nothing like the feeling of freedom and confidence it inspires!

Bubble Braids - Lux Hair Lounge

Bubble braids

If you’re looking for an ultra-trendy look for short hair—and something that’s surely going to catch eyes at festivals—bubble braids are a super-fun choice. This style works with both long and short hair and creates an adorable, 90s-inspired look. Also, if you’re someone who struggles with traditional braids, this is a much easier alternative!

You can achieve the dramatic bubble braid style in just a few simple steps. All you’ll need is a hairbrush and a packet of clear, mini hair ties or elastics.

1. Separate your hair into two ponytails—low, high, or one on each side, it’s your choice!
2. Grab your clear mini hair ties, section the hair, and tie it at evenly-spaced points along each ponytail.
3. Once you’ve finished securing your hair with ties, pull at each section gently to create the ‘bubble’ look. You can tease them a little or a lot—it all depends on how voluminous you’d like the look to be.
4. Finally, set the hair with lightweight hairspray for an all-day-long style.

Let’s sum up

Straight hair is beautiful, shiny, and versatile, with endless styles and options to choose from. You can wear it loose and look fabulous, or slick it back into a sleek ponytail for unmistakable elegance. Whoever your fashion inspiration is, you can surely find an example of them rocking a strikingly straight style.

Following the steps we’ve outlined in this article will ensure your hair stays straight, smooth, and stunning for as long as possible. For more straight hair management tips and advice, get in touch with the expert team at Lux Hair Lounge. We know everything there is to know about maintaining radiant, lustrous hair year-round!