6 types of hair styles: what haircut should I get?

We’ve all had the odd bad haircut in our lives.

Whether it’s an accidental bowl cut or a pixie that doesn’t work out, figuring out ‘what haircut should I get?’ is more difficult than you might think.

While hair is just hair at the end of the day, for many of us, a good haircut can bring plenty of confidence – while a bad cut can have the opposite effect.

Whether you’re a huge fan of getting out of your comfort zone or you prefer to stick to what’s familiar, we’ve got the answer to the best haircut styles for you.

Beyond what kind of chop you choose to go for, there’s also colour to consider, too.

With so many different hair colour techniques, from balayage to ombre to your classic root shadow, finding the right hair colour can be a challenge.

If you want to know how to fix a bad haircut and colour or even how often you should get a haircut, our detailed guide covers all the basics you need to know to ensure your next trip to the salon is a success.

What haircut should I get?

The choice of haircut you opt for is often a very personal decision.

What one person likes, another might not – and as something that’s down to personal taste, it’s important to pick a cut that makes you feel happy and confident.

For example, if you have thinner hair, you might want to know how to make thin hair look thicker with a haircut.

On the other hand, if your hair is voluminous, you’ll want to know how to ask for a haircut that provides shape without requiring hours of maintenance and styling.

What haircut is best for my face?

The style of haircut that is most flattering for your face will depend on a range of factors.

Firstly, while face shape will play a significant role in what is most flattering, your skin’s colouring and your hair’s texture are also considerations in picking the right colour and style for you.

We’ve covered in detail some of the different options available to help make the most of your face shape below.

There are no rules when it comes to your hair, so if you like something in particular, there’s no reason you can’t go for it in the hands of an experienced stylist.

How do I know what haircut is best for me?

The best haircut for you will depend on your personal requirements and what you consider important.

If, for example, you have a job where your hair needs to be tied back, this might be an essential priority for you.

Or, if you like to be able to style your hair in just a few minutes, the right hairstyle is unlikely to be one that takes a long time to perfect.

It’s all about finding that fine line between what you love and what’s practical for your day-to-day life.

Speaking with a qualified specialist can help you find a middle ground between hair that makes you feel beautiful and confident and hair that’s functional for work and your lifestyle.

A good stylist will also be able to adapt your hairstyle as your needs and priorities change, ensuring you still love your hair and feel your most confident self while feeling like you at the same time.

How can I identify my face shape?

The best way to identify your face shape is to look in the mirror.

In most cases, it’s pretty easy to see what kind of face shape you have simply by looking at yourself face-on.

You could also ask someone to take a photo of your face at eye level, allowing you to identify what kind of facial structure you have quickly.

Sometimes, your face shape isn’t so clear cut. If you feel you fall between two different face shapes, that could mean that twice as many hairstyles will suit you, so it’s well worth taking a closer look for yourself before asking a professional for their opinion.

6 Face Shapes for Haircuts

Each face shape suits different hairstyles, and below we have put together a quick guide to what haircut best suits your face shape.

1. Oval

The oval face shape is characterised by a face that is longer than it is wide, with a taper between the jaw and cheekbones.

Oval faces are considered very proportional, making them suited for various styles and lengths of hair overall.

Haircuts for oval faces

  • Straight, long hair with minimal layers makes the most of this balanced face shape for a uniform, elegant appearance
  • A blunt bob is perfectly proportional for an oval face shape, and even an asymmetric cut can tick the right boxes
  • Styled hair with curls or waves adds volume and prevents heaviness from dragging down the face if you happen to have thick or voluminous locks

2. Square

A square face is one of the most balanced of the face shapes, with an equal height and length, wider hairline and a fuller shape to the jaw and cheekbones.

Texture and layers can help soften this strong shape, while straight lines may accentuate that wider appearance.

Haircuts for square faces

  • A side-parted style best suits a square face, helping to break up the solid lines and symmetry for a softer, more flattering appearance
  • Plenty of airy layers in long hair can help to prevent a blocky final appearance, which can be styled into waves or left loose
  • A layered, side-swept bob cut provides the ideal way to reduce the strong lines of a square face, drawing attention to the cheekbones over the jawline

3. Round

A fuller face with little definition is often characterised as a round face. This almost cherubic face shape is youthful, and suits haircuts that lengthen instead of shortening the face area.

Round faces work well with longer hairstyles and suit more dimension in their styles.

Haircuts for round faces

  • Choppy pixie cuts are the perfect option for round faces, providing texture and drama while detracting from the face shape itself
  • Multi-layered loose cuts that sit at the jawline add the additional volume and shaping needed for a rounder face
  • A shorter side fringe or wispy fringe helps to frame the face without overwhelming, adding much-needed dimension

4. Heart

A narrow chin and a broader forehead are the classic signs of a heart-shaped face.

If you find that your forehead appears on the larger side compared to the rest of your face, the use of haircuts with a fringe may be the ideal choice for you.

Haircuts for heart faces

  • Long, loose side-swept styles are your best friend, especially with lower curls that draw the attention away from the forehead
  • A textured pixie cut with a fringe helps to reduce the appearance of the forehead and adds greater interest, framing the face
  • A longer bob that goes beyond chin length can prove the balance needed to level out a heart shape face, especially with a well-sculpted fringe

5. Rectangle

With the general proportional dimension of a square face but additional length, people with a rectangle face shape can get the most out of their appearance by opting for shorter, layered styles that don’t add length to the face and jaw.

Haircuts for rectangle faces

  • Soft, layered cuts that add texture around the face can be an excellent way to disguise longer corners while enhancing the cheekbones
  • Longer hair with a windswept, blowout type appearance adds volume where it’s needed while softening sharp angles
  • Soft, curtain fringes offer softness where a blunt cut would be too harsh, breaking up the lines of the face

6. Diamond

If you find your cheekbones are wider than your chin or forehead, you may have a diamond-shaped face.

This unique facial structure works beautifully with bob and chin-length hair, adding fullness where it’s needed without bulking out other areas.

Haircuts for diamond faces

  • An angular face shape needs softening, and a long, layered cut provides that, especially with a deep part or plenty of volume
  • To add more proportion, a chin-length, razor-sharp bob that hits just the right spot can help to widen the area
  • For medium length hair, plenty of movement and tousled texture can help balance those proportions, while a deep part detracts from a smaller chin

Choosing the right haircut

If you’re still wondering, ‘what haircut should I get?’, you’re not alone.

With dozens of options out there to suit your specific face shape and style, the best way to find the right haircut for you is to take the extra time to figure it out.

Your lifestyle, for example, can play a significant role in finding the perfect style.

If you’re all about no fuss, then you’ll want something quick and easy to style in the mornings.

If you’re all about making a ‘wow’ first impression, you might want to choose something you can style to perfection.

Choosing the right haircut may be a personal thing, but our pointers provide you with a great place to start in picking the best hairdo for you.

If you’re looking for a professional opinion on the ideal style for your needs and how often you need to get a haircut, our team at Lux are ready and waiting to help.

We specialise in luxurious hair of all styles, colours, and lengths – so if you’re ready to change things up, we’re the best place to start. Why not book in a consultation with one of our talented team today?