What to know about taking care of straightened hair

What to know about taking care of straightened hair

Using a hair straightener is a great way to test out straight locks or to change your appearance for an evening, unfortunately though, the effect is short-term.

Fortunately, there are treatments available to give you permanently straightened hair including chemical straightening.

When you get this treatment it’s vital to understand how to care for your hair afterwards, including when to wash hair after permanent straightening, the best shampoo for chemically straightened hair, what products to use and which hair care appliances like dryers can be applied without damaging your hair.

This article will provide you with all the hair straightening aftercare tips you need to ensure you don’t damage your hair and the straightening effect lasts for longer.

How soon can I wash my hair after getting it permanently straightened?

Any form of moisture can interfere with the chemical straightening process, so you should not wash your hair (even with water) for at least three days, although we advise that it’s best to wait for a week.

This means no water at all, so scratch swimming off your to-do list for the next week as well.

Humidity and sweat are also factors that can impact the chemical straightening process so strenuous activities are out and you should stick to air-conditioning on those hot and sticky days.

When the time comes to wash your hair, the best shampoo for chemically straightened hair are the sulphate free kind as sulphates will remove the chemical treatment from your hair.

Chlorine and ocean water can do the same thing, so it is best to avoid swimming of any kind for at least a fortnight.

When it comes time to pick your shampoo, the team at Lux Hair Lounge can assist with a range of different options including Redken products that are made from mostly naturally-derived products and don’t contain any sulphates, parabens or silicone.

Can I dye my hair?

If you plan on changing the colour of your hair as part of the straightening process, you must get the dye added after the straightening process.

The first step of chemical hair straightening is to apply a clarifying shampoo which is likely to strip out at least part of the dye.

You should wait at least two weeks, preferably three weeks, before undertaking the hair colouring process although this timeframe is impacted by the type of hair straightening treatment you have had and the type of hair colouring that will be applied.

The team at Lux Hair Lounge can advise you on the right timeframe and best products to use, to ensure your hair straightening and colouring processes do not impact each other.

Should I use a specific shampoo for straightened hair?

Although chemically straightened hair gives you a satiny, smooth finish, without the proper hair straightening aftercare it can also damage your hair in the long run.

To prevent excessive damage to your hair, you can use shampoos that are designed specifically for chemically treated hair.

You can extend the life of your hair colour by choosing the right shampoo.

Using a sulphate-free shampoo, such as Redken Color Extend Magnetics, is one of the best ways to do this.

It’s formulated with ingredients that are good for the hair, such as amino-ions and amino acids, so your hair stays vibrant and your colours are locked in.

If blonde hair colouring is your jam, the right purple shampoo, like Redken Colour Extend Blondage, is essential.

Redken Products for Hair Straightening

Blondage is designed to keep blondes brighter and healthier by helping them resist brassing.

You can retain your shade longer by toning out the yellow with purple.

When you choose Lux Hair Lounge for your chemical hair straightening and hair colouring, you can rest assured that we will use the best products for the protection of your hair.

Our colouring treatments employ industry-leading Olaplex technology as a hair protector.

Olaplex for Hair Straightening

Among world-renowned hairstylists, Olaplex is recognised as a revolutionary treatment for hair that needs to be repaired, protected, and strengthened during the straightening and colouring process.

Using Olaplex in our hair colouring process ensures that your hair is protected against moisture loss and damage, leaving it healthy and glossy.

Do I need to change daily routines to protect my hair?

Your hair can become dry and brittle after chemical straightening.

Although you will need to wait three days to a week before you can wash your hair, it is important to employ a high-quality moisturising shampoo at this point to strengthen and protect your hair.

A good tip to retain moisture in your hair after straightening is to apply a quality leave-in conditioner after you shampoo.

You can strengthen your hair and reduce hair fall and thinning by incorporating hair vitamins into your diet.

In addition, to strengthen your hair you should consume a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and good fats.

To avoid damaging your hair with heat, use a blow-dryer in the cool mode.

You should avoid swimming or any activities that will expose your hair to the sun right after the treatment.

Make sure you have your hair trimmed every six-eight weeks and keep an eye on the condition of your hair.

Split ends and damaged edges can be avoided by doing this.

As an alternative, a Keratin treatment may prove to be a better option over the long term.

Chemically straightened hair can be challenging to maintain but with the proper after-care, you can have results that last and healthy hair that looks fantastic for many months to come.

Maintaining the health and suppleness of your straightened hair requires the use of several different tools and techniques.

Your treatment can last for longer if you use the right tools and products.

The professional team at Lux Hair Lounge are not only an expert at providing the highest standards of hair straightening services, but we also pay meticulous attention to your aftercare as well.

For the best advice, proven products and a care program that will ensure long-lasting results, speak to the team at Lux Hair Lounge.